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Healthcare Professionals
Healthcare professionals are able to advertise on Doctyme to reach a new group of patients through our streamlined online platform. Grow your patient base through advertising with us and build on your reputation through patient reviews. Through featured profiles, in which you appear at the top of local search results, you can establish a greater presence and expand your practice or organisation. Patients will also be able to search and discover local, registered pharmacies, medical facilities, senior care specialists and more.
Clear advertisements allow engagement with your business or practice, targeting those seeking professional and local healthcare services.
Utilize email marketing solutions, which can be accessed through Doctyme, to provide your business with a reliable method of marketing. Target potential clients, either patients or practitioners, most likely to engage with your business, keeping them informed and aware of your organisation.

Marketing to the healthcare sector
Agencies, consultancies and other businesses can advertise with Doctyme to position their organisation in front of a new market of practitioners and patients seeking reliable healthcare professionals. Doctyme encourages its users to accurately review healthcare professionals based on their experiences, and conduct searches for such organisations in the local area. This results in higher web engagement leading to our client’s advertisements achieving their maximum impact.

Technology and data solutions
Advertise with Doctyme to gain access to extensive data that can help you market to the groups you choose. Determine the market you want to target and work with us place your business on the cutting edge of data utilization. In providing a range of solutions including marketing to specific patients, professionals and organisations, increasing the traffic to your website, expanding the awareness of your brand and constructing a solid marketing strategy, Doctyme can assist in bringing your marketing to the next level.

Media and Communications
Utilize the extensive data available from Doctyme to assist with providing robust and trustworthy news pieces. With wide ranging, high quality data for patients and healthcare organisations alike, produce news work with and edge and sculpt press releases that go above and beyond. With the US healthcare sector already receiving significant coverage, Doctyme can help you stay two steps ahead

Social Media
Doctyme brings together patients and healthcare professionals, allowing patients greater flexibility and ownership of their healthcare. Based on a dependable and transparent review process, Doctyme users can be confident they are receiving high quality care or reliable product. Health, diet, exercise and wellbeing are at the forefront of public thinking, with patients looking for greater control over their health. The Doctyme review process allows patients to do just this, reviewing medical professionals based on their experiences and choosing the most appropriate local professionals. Healthcare professionals, medical organisations and other businesses can advertise with Doctyme to reach the target markets best suited to them. Through advertisement and data use, Doctyme enables businesses to be at the forefront of healthcare marketing.

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